Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Krishna assures help to stranded Indian traders in China

External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna on Wednesday assured two Indian traders, trapped in a financial dispute with local businessmen in the commodity hub of Yiwu, that he would take up their case with his Chinese counterpart on Thursday.
Mr. Krishna, who is here to attend the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), met the two Indian traders Shyam Sunder Agrawal and Deepak Raheja who were released from illegal custody from the Chinese suppliers in Yiwu after India’s intervention.
“I had a good meeting with the two traders,” Mr. Krishna told the Indian media here today.
“I told them (traders) I will be meeting the Chinese Foreign Minister (Yang Jeichi) tomorrow. I certainly will take up the issue with him,” Mr. Krishna said.
Mr. Krishna has already discussed the case few times with Mr. Yang twice in the recent past.
Together, the two Indians have been asked to pay 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) to local traders. China has told India that cases against the two Indians would not be withdrawn until they repay the entire amount.
Both claim that they were the employees of a company run by a Yamanese national in the Chinese commodity trade hub Yiwu. The local traders took them into custody in December last after their owner fled without making payment for the supplies secured.
The two resided in Shanghai after their release in January and cannot go back to India due to travel ban.
They came to Beijing today just to meet Mr. Krishna. They say they have paid RMB nine lakhs to their captors and cannot pay any more. They are currently defending a case filed against them in the local court.

U.S. to facilitate technology access and sharing

U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta on Wednesday assured his Indian counterpart A. K. Antony that Washington would initiate measures to facilitate technology access and sharing.
Mr. Panetta met Mr. Antony for about an hour in the South Block offices of the Defence Ministry and held delegation-level talks.
The meeting comes ahead of the third India-U.S. Strategic Dialogue to be held in Washington from June 13.
Both sides exchanged views on the security situation in West Asia, South Asia and the Af-Pak region and on various global security challenges, including in the area of cyber security. They agreed that there are opportunities to enhance ties in areas of mutual interest and concern, says a Defence Ministry.
Mr. Antony emphasised that the priority for India was to move beyond the buyer-seller transactions and to focus on transfer of technologies and partnerships to build indigenous capabilities.
With regard to security concerns in the Asia-Pacific region, Mr. Antony conveyed to the U.S. side that India supported unhindered freedom of navigation in international waters for all. At the same time, with regard to bilateral issues, he stressed that it was desirable that the parties concerned should settle contentious matters in accordance with international laws.
Mr. Antony noted there was need to strengthen the multilateral security architecture in the Asia-Pacific region and to move at a pace comfortable to all countries concerned.
Mr. Antony's observations came in the backdrop of China asserting its naval presence in the South China Sea.

Exercise does not lift depression: Study

LONDON: Regular exercise does not appear to be effective in reducing symptoms of depression, a new study has claimed, contradicting the current clinical guidance which recommends physical activities to help those suffering from the mental illness.

The research, published in the British Medical Journal, found that adding a physical activity intervention to usual care did not reduce symptoms of depression more than usual care alone.

To carry out the study, a team from Bristol University and Exeter University, recruited 361 patients aged 18 to 69 years who had recently been diagnosed with depression. The participants were then split into two groups to receive either the physical activity intervention in addition to usual care, or usual care on its own.

Both the groups were followed up for 12 months to assess any change in their symptoms. But, it was found that adding exercise failed to alleviate symptoms of depression more than usual care alone, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The study, which is the first large-scale trial to assess the effects of exercise on depression, contrasts with clinical guidance that recommends exercise to help those suffering from the mental illness.

Previously most of the evidence for the positive effect of physical activity in treating depression has come from studies of small, non-clinical samples using interventions that would not be practicable in an NHS setting.

"Numerous studies have reported the positive effects of physical activity for people suffering with depression but our intervention was not an effective strategy for reducing symptoms," said researcher Melanie Chalder of the University of Bristol's School of Social and Community Medicine.

"However, it is important to note that increased physical activity is beneficial for people with other conditions such as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and, of course, these conditions can affect people with depression."

Co-researcher Dr John Campbell from University of Exeter added: "Many suffering from depression would prefer not to have to take traditional anti-depressant medication preferring instead to consider alternative forms of therapy.

"Exercise and activity appeared to offer promise as one such treatment, but this carefully designed research study has shown that exercise does not appear to be effective in treating depression."

22-year-old IITian from Vidisha bags Rs 70 lakh job from Twitter

BHOPAL: Swapnil Jain, 22, was a bit nervous when he was first interviewed by a software honcho from Twitter, the social networking and microblogging service provider, in the last week of May. It was one of his seven interviews - all ranging from 45 to 50 minutes duration - conducted through online video conferencing from the Twitter headquarters at San Francisco. What more, he was hired for an annual package of about Rs 70 lakh by the $9 billion US firm after the final interview in Delhi in May last.
"Sitting in Delhi on a computer, I was trying my best to reply to the queries of software engineers of Twitter," he said. Once the technical interviews were over, an Indian manager of the social networking site took another interview in Delhi on May 30 and two days later, I was told that they were hiring me," Swapnil, who belongs to the small town of Vidisha, about 70 km from Bhopal and near the world heritage site Sanchi, said with lot of excitement in his voice .
"Later they mailed me the offer letter signed by the chief technical officer of Twitter with an annual package of $1,30,000 per annum. Inclusive of bonus, it is about Rs 70 lakh," he calculated.
Ever since, it is celebrations abound. His grandfather, who is a leading lawyer of Vidisha, Babulal Jain, father Sanjay Jain and mother Savita are busy organising "Jain Vidhan", a ritual of Jain community to celebrate the feat.
Swapnil will join on October 1 at the San Francisco headquarters of Twitter. He would report to a manager of Indian origin.
A graduate from IIT Delhi, from where he passed out last month only, Swapnil has not even received his degree certificate. "Convocation ceremony will take place on August 30 and I am waiting for it anxiously," he told TOI.
On the mantra behind the success, the IITian says, "Be consistent. Be regular and consistent in whatever you do. Even a small work," the reply was quick.
"It's a huge opportunity. First, I would like to work for 3-4 years to gain experience by interacting with them. After all they are the experienced lot," he said adding that later he was planning to start his own software company. "I want to do something that would be of their standard," he revealed.
Swapnil had his schooling from the local Trinity Convent and then Vatsalya Senior Secondary School in Vidisha before moving on to Kota to prepare for the biggest entrance exam. He cracked the IIT in one go.
"I never had anything in my mind when I got admission. I took things as they came on," he said adding that nearly a month to finish his graduation, he got information from IIT alumni about the openings in Twitter.
If Swapnil can be believed, 30 people had applied for the Twitter job including him and he was selected.
Talking abut the preparation for the interviews, the IITian from Vidisha said that he once again went through what all he had studied with specially focusing on algorithmic, coding and programming.
Some colleagues of Swpnil from IIT Delhi are joining Facebook and Google on October 1, and he plans to start his own company along with these colleagues in future.
Looking back, Swapnil said that cracking IIT was also difficult as he belonged to a small town and there was no one to guide him. His father runs a jewellery shop and mother is a housewife. However, the only support was from his brother Sohil Jain, who was pursuing his engineering course in Indore.
"I went ahead with strong resolve and stood 94th in the all India rank list," he said.
His mother Savita told TOI that she was very happy and at the same sad also. "Happy because he has got the best of the offer and sad because he is going to another continent far off from Vidisha."

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Five years will change the face of UP: Akhilesh

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said that'' you will see all the budget .. Socialist Party election manifesto of the party in government completed in three months and has shown all the promises. We still have five years' time .. It is time .. We'll change the picture of the state and we are confident that after five years and five years and will have us. "
His resignation is due.
Kannauj then people said that if it is contested by the 'dimples' are in the Lok Sabha.
We want you to win this time by creating a new history by choosing to send them an overwhelming vote.code is applied, the media raised questions that could come with me, the dimples on the people to fight and win the election.''

You will feel the change, because you may be getting more power than before.''Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on email Share on print More Sharing Services 0

Seondha importance of historical archeology

- Rajkumar Soni

Natural, religious or political reasons, regardless of the format must change places, but their cultural will to live are not inferior to any of the answers. History bears witness to this. Senvdha exact position of the city is. Senvdha existence of the city is very old. Mahabharata refers to several locations around the city to come. Snkadi The religious importance of the area has also been described in mythology, as well as well-known fact.Archaeology is the story of man's past. Trough which is immersed in the chronological past, archeology him toss up, like waves. The man looked in the mirror of the past life of the elasticity and its effort to create more dynamic - the archeology. Senvdha city is rich in its archeological wealth. Here's some of the details as follows -
Seondha fortification
Seondha fort Fulbag known to be described is a very grand building was once the Bundela state court hall. It was built by Maharaja Shatrujeet.This includes the seraglio. This little elephant scream at Drbaje engaged are typical of the place of strategic importance. After crossing the door Uttrabhimuk this huge building stands on a huge platform. There are three rates, first-rate scrollwork door made of stone, whose height is 18 feet, was the second and third rate.Come directly from the court to order the chef. The last cell in the right - left on either side of the family resting place for women is on the second floor, where ladies of the family court proceedings will be watched. This whole area is covered by a lattice scrollwork. Its walls are composed of Senvdha Sun King Prithvisinh Rsnidi couplets are marked with indelible ink, which can still be read.
Amazing piece of architectureDown from pops out of the building remains a big hall, which has Fbbara, Fbbare Bramnartha around the strips are made. Immediately before the tomb of the Emperor Shatrujeet is a memory location. To consider the overall composition of Fulbag is known that this site is an amazing piece of architecture and architecture, it is a combination of Bundeli and Iranian architecture. The building constructed by Shahjahan Drbaje the workers must be kept in their vision.Senvdha Vidhynprwat present a series of town close to the slope of the river Sindh Archaeology in sports is related to another place called Ajaypal.Eleven grams of the same religious feeling overwhelmed and a Vaishya family Dhlan at this location (room) was built. The ruins can still be seen.Below is a composite cultural heritage of this area is likely to be suppressed.
Another location on the river SindhThe building's original architectural style and its composition has the dimensions of the archaeological importance. Its composition was seems to follow the Buddhist Sputon. 4 is the thickness of its walls touch. Three - three-door face to face and both Pakrkhon a - a door. The interior walls can be seen as a special polish that still remains.
Unique piece of sculptureCorrugated outer upper part of the roof is built with the help of bricks, which have created an innovative use of Sally. Within this, Ganesh, Shankrji, stone sculptures of Lord Hanuman and Goddess Jagdamba lime in the walls (tin) are stuck with.But the building's roof to slope length aligned on the same set of three Klson a totally new and original imagination.
Time has passed, the neglected and ignored the past, we developed the modern conceit of his conscience is in the court.- pro. Result, our pride in our midst broken columns by our people - are Bhinen. Natural calamity or damage are. Today the elegance and the rich citizens of free country when God will change our mindset.